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Weight loss tip : a good cabbage soup

Weight loss tip : a good cabbage soup

Want to lose a few extra pounds? You know those who get stuck around your belly during the winter … Fortunately, there is a weight loss recipe very effective and economical to lose weight. A useful weight loss tip is to prepare a good cabbage soup.



– 1 whole cabbage

– 3 carrots

– 1 celery

– 3 onions

– 2 peppers

– 3 tomatoes

– Garlic

– 3 liters of water

– Salt and pepper

How to do

1. Wash all the vegetables.

2. Peel the carrots and onions.

3. Cut all the vegetables into pieces.

4. Put them in a saucepan with water.

5. Salt and pepper.

6. Boil for 25 minutes.


weight loss recipe : cabbage soup

And now, your cabbage soup is ready 🙂

To lose weight without breaking the bank, simply prepare a good cabbage soup and enjoy it for a week without moderation.

This thing is spectacular to lose weight, you will not come back and your belly either!

You can eat it like that or mix the vegetables. You can also add spinach, zucchini, cucumber. But avoid potatoes, peas, beans or corn.

Enjoy your soup every night and / or lunch. Serve with protein (white ham, eggs or fish) and fruit for a balanced meal.

Cabbage soup is a diuretic and laxative dish. She has a great detox effect that cleanses and purifies the body! It is also rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.

However, you may have heard about the cabbage soup diet. Avoid starting this diet without medical advice and follow-up. It is a low calorie diet that can lead to deficiencies and fatigue. To avoid taking back all your pounds or more after your diet, your meals must be healthy and balanced.

And not to overemphasize the fridge with cabbage, also follow our trick to deodorize the fridge  😉 .

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