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Pollen allergy: 5 tips to limit reactions

Pollen allergy protection

Runny nose, throat scratching, sneezing … With the return of high temperatures, the risk of a pollen allergy explodes everywhere in USA. With the return of spring and high temperatures, pollen allergies are making their comeback . 

Runny nose, stuffy nose, snoring, sneezing, scratching in the throat or nose, conjunctivitis, coughing, asthma attacks but also urticaria, dermatitis … If you recognize these multiple symptoms, there is a good chance that you yourself have developed an Pollen allergy, also called “pollinosis” . Between France, between 10 and 20% of adults are concerned.

To minimize the discomfort and prevent the symptoms from getting worse, there are some reflexes to adopt daily . First, be aware of the risk of allergy linked to each type of pollen in your department , in order to adapt your level of vigilance.

Seasonal Allergies Symptoms

Wear glasses and a hat

Wearing sunglasses and a hat will not only protect you from UV but also some of the birch and grass pollens, which are primarily deposited on the eyes and in the hair.

Rinse your hair every night

By washing your hair every night, or at least rinsing well, you will eliminate pollen accumulated in your hair throughout the day.

Aerate your home at sunset

Airing your house or apartment is important to renew the air. But in case of pollen allergy, prefer to open the windows before sunrise or after sunset.

Rolling closed windows

If you drive in the day, prefer to drive the windows closed. This limits the amount of pollen present inside the passenger compartment. Be even more careful if your trips are in town: pollen is often more allergenic in urban areas , where they can be coupled with air pollution.

Avoid long walks in nature

Limit your exits when the risk of allergy is high. Also avoid performing an intense outdoor activity during this period.

If the symptoms of your allergy persist or worsen, do not hesitate to consult your doctor . It may prescribe a suitable treatment to reduce the effects of allergy (antihistamines, local corticoids ..).


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