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Lose Weight Fast And Well : How To Quickly Lose Weight ?

Lose Weight Fast And Well : How To Quickly Lose Weight ?

Belly, thighs, arms … How to quickly lose weight ? Do you need to lose weight fast and well ? Here are the tips of Anne Guillot, dietician-nutritionist to get rid of the extra pounds without endangering her health.

Half a lemon to start your day

We start to lose weight when we wake up with the juice of half a lemon in warm water to drink on an empty stomach every morning. This “favors the detoxification of the liver and contributes to weight loss,” Anne Guillot tells us. So we get up five minutes earlier in the morning and drink our little glass of lemon water to lose weight.

Green vegetables are our friends

Broccoli, an effective fat burner food

Eating vegetables promotes weight loss. So far, we do not teach you anything but “choose green vegetables instead  and do not hesitate to eat a lot to lose weight faster” explains Anne Guillot.Of some green vegetables are so low in calories that you can abuse as much as you want it like green cabbage.

How to quickly lose weight with water


Whatever the time of day, always choose water for a soda or an industrial juice. Indeed, “the sugar present in sodas and fruit juice stores in your body whereas the water will help you on the contrary to eliminate the fats” warns Anne Guillot.

Salty, fatty and additive are hunted

We stop the nonsense and we hunt salty food like cold meat or bad fat and additives prepared dishes to make good little home-cooked meals. As Anne Guillot reminds us, “salt promotes water retention, thus preventing weight loss, which is counterproductive“.

We keep the good fats

Be careful, eliminating fat does not mean eliminating ALL fat. We must eliminate the bad fats not  the good ones . ” And it is not advisable to buy 0% fat products because we will then have sugars to replace fat, which can slow weight loss, ” explains Anne Guillot. A good reason to no longer get frustrated by buying yogurt 0% fat.

Lose weight fast and well with sports

Lose Weight Fast and well with sports

Weight loss relies on 70% nutrition and 30% on sports. So we make the effort to do a minimum of physical activity and so “the body will replace the fat with muscle and therefore refine permanently” motivates Anne Guillot. What are we waiting for to register at the gym at the corner of the street?

When we have already tried everything

Some have already tried everything and nothing helps, they can not lose those little pounds recalcitrant. In this case it is always possible to turn to surgery. But caution: “Liposuction is not necessarily recommended and before you want to make one you still have to make a small diet to lose some weight,” says Dr. Picovski , a cosmetic surgeon in Paris. is not an obesity surgery but rather for after a diet. ”

Dukan: we forget!

When we want to  lose weight  we want it to go fast but be careful! As dietician-nutritionist Anne Guillot reminds us “those who lose weight too quickly tend to take it back soon after.It is better to be content to lose 2 or 3 kg per month and lose them forever”. In fact, when you lose weight quickly you lose muscle and water, not fat.

What  about miracle diets  like Dukan’s?

” According to the Food, Environment and Labor Sanitary Agency (ANSES), 80% of people who have followed this diet reported to have regained the weight lost very quickly after stopping it ” answers the specialist. This is a so-called “unbalanced” diet.

And the detox weeks   based on fruit and vegetable juices?

No more. The principle is to detoxify the body and not to lose weight. As Anne Guillot explains “the weight lost during these detox is resumed when the subject stops his cure”. In addition, this type of treatment has many side effects type fatigue, nausea and intestinal problems. If that has not already convinced you to give up, she adds that we must be 100% sure that it is organic fruits and vegetables since without solid food to accompany them, the juices are quickly digested and if they contain pesticides they will go very quickly in your blood.

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