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Lose 5 kilos in 1 week: how to lose weight quickly and well with the Dukan diet

how to lose weight quickly and well with the Dukan diet

Many of us want to know how to lose weight quickly and wonder how it is possible to lose 5 kilos in 1 week or 2. A method has proven itself for a few years now, it is the Dukan diet. It works on the principle of nutrition consisting of foods that lose weight because they are rich in protein! The ultimate goal of this program is to relearn how to eat a balanced diet by helping you select your food based on its nutritional intake. Thus, you can lose weight over the long term through learning good eating habits!

The Dukan diet, how does it work?

It is composed of 4 stages:

  • The attack phase where you will lose weight quickly and lose up to 5 kilos in one week
  • The cruising phase where you will lose weight over time
  • The consolidation phase where you will learn how to maintain your new weight
  • Stabilization phase to avoid gaining weight by insisting on changing your eating habits

The Dukan diet differs from other techniques for weight loss that are mainly based on the reduction of calories during meals! So when you want to lose belly for example, the Dukan diet aims to minimize the fat and carbohydrate of your diet, so your body turns to another source of energy by eating only protein that you give him what has the effect of making you lose weight!

Step 1: Lose 5 kg in a week with the attack phase

Lose 5 kilos in 1 week

It consists of eating fat-free foods rich in protein, mainly meat (chicken, turkey, also fish …) You can also consider dairy products (yogurt 0% …), see a vegetarian menu (tofu, eggs …) For the diuretic side, it is important to drink a lot of water to eliminate and not to dehydrate!

This first phase is a relatively short phase, it lasts about 5 to 10 days (up to 2 weeks at most) but it is a relatively intense phase because of the rapid weight loss that it generates. It is at this precise moment of this diet that it is necessary to hold good because although the results and effectiveness of this technique vary from one person to another, it is not uncommon to see people lose up to to 5 kilos in a week! This should motivate you to continue in this way because it is not always easy to hold good during a diet. But during this phase the results of weight loss can be immediate and you can lose weight very quickly in a short time.

Step 2: Continue to lose weight quickly with the cruise phase

An alternating diet

You will alternate between days where your diet will be focused solely on protein as in Phase 1, with days where your diet will be based on protein and vegetables. The ways to alternate the days are varied and generally depend on the comfort of each one! This means that some people will have difficulty keeping the diet by only eating protein foods over a period of a few days, so they will tend to alternate more frequently the 2 possibilities. Others will make it easier for longer periods! In general, the frequency of change is of the order of 4 to 5 days, with for example 5 days of protein and then 4 days of proteins and vegetables! You will be able to try different combinations and to evaluate which rhythm of alternation corresponds to you best and makes you lose weight the fastest!

Depending on the number of kilos to lose you can make this second phase last longer or shorter. The most motivated can lose up to 10 kilos in 1 month but most will lose 10 kg from 2 months. It depends on your goals and your motivation taking into account the fact for example that if you want to lose weight quickly belly then a period of a few weeks should be sufficient! However, if you want to lose weight in the thighs , at the hips, at the neck, at the level of the arms , at the level of the chest, at the level of the waist, at the level of the abdominal belt , at the level of the buttocks, at the level of the legs and at the level of the calves, at that moment a period of a few months seems more adapted!

What do we eat during this phase?

The vegetables you are allowed to eat are quite limited, because some foods that we consider “vegetables” actually contain a lot of carbohydrates such as carrots, peas, corn and potatoes that must be excluded if you want to lose weight quickly and efficiently! Green vegetables are therefore recommended. All you could normally find in a salad is OK: lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms or onions. Also allowed are green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus and celery. You can eat them raw, or steamed or boiled.

In addition to Phase 2 you will increase your weight loss on this diet by walking daily for about 30 minutes and continuing to drink a lot of water! It’s not always easy to spend time on a sport or doing exercises in your schedule, but simple steps such as climbing the stairs rather than taking the elevator, walking from a shop to a gym. other than to take your car and park at different places! All these small gestures count and will help you lose weight quickly and in the long run!

Step 3: Learn to resist temptations during this diet with the Consolidation Phase

How not to crack: explanations

This step will not make you lose weight. You will not lose weight during this phase, when you have reached this stage, you can congratulate yourself because you have managed to achieve the goals that you had set and you finally managed to lose weight effectively!

Now your motivation will be to maintain this food hygiene while including a little more variety in your diet! This does not necessarily mean that you will be dieting without effort but you just have to maintain your new weight. During this consolidation phase you can add a little fruit, bread and cheese, as well as a “festive meal” per week.

A menu to lose weight during the Dukan diet


A typical menu for a week will look like this:

1) Continue to eat protein and vegetables as much as you want. This remains one of the basics of the menu.
2) You can eat a fruit a day, but you will favor fruits rich in water like apples, or watermelon …
3) You can eat two slices of bread. If you have to put butter, put butter without fat.
4) You will also be able to eat richer carbohydrate foods once a week like pasta or rice.
5) Once a week, you can let go and make a real feast, where everything will be allowed. Take advantage by bus to lose weight and thanks to all your efforts, it will already be a few months that you will not have eaten a “normal” meal! Enjoy to eat all that will make you happy, make you a good restaurant once a week! However, the danger is not to be rigorous and to make these small mouthpieces more frequently, so it is important to be well aware not to gain weight and limit these “festive meals” to once a week!

Step 4: Learn not to regain weight after the diet with the stabilization phase

Principle of the Stabilization Phase

Now you are in shape, you feel better about yourself and you have achieved the desired weight loss! You do not say anymore I want to lose weight as soon as you have already passed this stage! You have learned to have a healthier diet and your efforts have already paid off.

This new phase aims to solidify your efforts and to make sure that your weight loss lasts in time so that you maintain this food hygiene throughout your life!

What are we eating in the long term?

This consists in keeping the food rhythm of phase 3, always with pleasure day once a week! But in addition you will incorporate in your week, a day exclusively dedicated to “proteins” as in the attack phase! So you will eat foods such as meat high in protein, fish, all these foods that have helped you lose weight quickly during the first phase of this diet!

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Dukan diet


Benefits: an effective and healthy diet

  • It is relatively easy to put in place whether at home or outside (at the restaurant, at friends …).
  • It is based on natural foods that can be found everywhere. that can reduce frustration if you take the time to cook yourself!
  • This protein-rich diet reduces the feeling of hunger which is one of the main reasons for giving up diet for those looking to lose weight.
  • The final phase allows you to eat what you want once a week which allows this method to be more easily followed in the long term.
  • The beginning phase is particularly suitable for those who like meat and mainly lean meats rich in protein.

Disadvantages: a diet that can tire

  • Eating only protein foods early may sometimes lack some palate flavor.
  • Others may feel constipated due to lack of fiber.
  • You can have a feeling of fatigue at the beginning of the diet because this method that allows you to lose weight quickly, maybe too fast for some people can create a lack of vitamins and minerals!
  • It is always recommended to have a professional follow-up especially if you do this diet intensively

Final goal: How to maintain your new weight in the long run?

Do not forget all the principles you learned in previous phases, it will continue to exercise regularly and drink plenty of water! Drinking a lot of water is not only a good way to get rid of all the toxins but also to stay hydrated permanently which is essential during a diet to less have the feeling of hunger and lack! A diet is all the more effective if one seeks to make it last and thus to complement it with sport or physical activity!

The Dukan method must be understood and applied in its entirety to be effective in the long term. The ultimate goal is to teach you how to eat better and change your eating habits so that your initial goal of losing weight quickly can be part of continuity and avoid you gain weight after this diet!

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