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How to succeed the challenge of the 5 :2 diet

How to succeed the 5 :2 diet

Finding a healthy weight balance with energy and without frustration by monitoring its plate two days a week is the challenge of the 5 :2 diet that Delphine de Montalier , culinary stylist and author adapted to the French. Its 9 keys to take ownership and lose weight permanently.

The principle of the 5 :2 regime

The 5 :2 diet is built on a week with two days of caloric restriction to 500 calories for women and 600 for men. During the other five days, we normally eat (2000 cal for a woman and 2400 for a man) following the principles of a so-called Mediterranean diet (more vegetables and less starchy foods, more oil and less cream) .

1. Pleasure and taste above all!

The 5 :2 diet is easy to adopt since no food is removed. It is possible to eat normally, without frustration (6 glasses of wine and / or beer a week are allowed, and 2 large desserts), making sure to never exceed 2000 calories. Easy to appropriate as the contribution limited to 500 cal (FAST) lasts only two days. It acts like a real booster (fast deflation) even if the result is progressive.

2. Bet on fruits and vegetables

It gives pride to vitamins, minerals and fiber, nutrients and tastes, without medical supplementation. We put a good mood on the plate by promoting the color by mixing fruit and vegetables fresh seasonal but also proteins, seeds and olive oil. It’s nice, it’s good and it boosts morale!

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3. Do not have breakfast

When you start this diet, it is not necessarily easy to compose your day with only 500 calories. One of the first things to do is try not to have breakfast. Difficult to start but we get done quickly. A good gesture to adopt? Two glasses of hot water to clean the body on an empty stomach before drinking tea.

4. Much to hydrate

The body often confuses hunger and thirst. When we start to feel hungry, we do not hesitate to hydrate. We wait 20 minutes to pass his desire. And if we can not wait, we allow some almonds or a tray of fresh red fruits.

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5. Measure the calorie intake of your food

At the beginning, we take care to weigh the ingredients to have a better idea of ​​the right ration and its calorie intake. Laborious at first but the reflex settles gradually and quickly becomes natural.

6. Choose your days OFF

The 5 :2 regime is flexible. One chooses according to his weeks and his schedule the days off. And to make your first day off a success and minimize the temptations, we try to choose it when we are busy. The idea of ​​anticipating the day off was also well thought out by preparing a “super 500” the day before, a complete 500-calorie dish (rich in protein, vegetables and legumes) that is divided into two equal portions without having to think about it. all day what we are going to cook.

7. Do not chase the fast two days in a row

To start your diet the first two weeks, I advise to fast two non-consecutive days and then to two consecutive days, the last two weeks.

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8. Do not overcompensate for non-fasted days

Since we assume that pleasure guides every day, we can succumb to the idea of ​​eating in a pizza or having a drink on FAST days, but we do not feel guilty if we crack during a day off. We are nice to you. We do not overcompensate, we reestablish his line of conduct and postpone his day off to the next day, sticking to it.

9. Make your life easier with all thought solutions

When you’re in a hurry, you do not always have time to go shopping and calculate your calorie ratio. There are also on-site 5 :2 French programs customized, guaranteed detox, fitness and well-being to order and to be delivered. On the menu ? Fresh, colorful and gourmet recipes (soups, salads, dishes …) all healthy and tasty, based on organic products, the vast majority. And when the desired weight loss is gained, just maintain one’s weight by maintaining a day of fasting a week.


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