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How to make eczema disappear naturally

How to make eczema disappear naturally

Millions of people suffer from a skin condition called eczema, which comes in the form of red and dry patches that can be itchy and tend to fade when the atmosphere is hot or humid, or when you are exposed to the sun .

It can appear on any part of the body and, in summer, its condition worsens because of chlorine swimming pools, for example. When reading this article, you will learn more about eczema!

What do you need to know about eczema?

This is a very common problem, even more than we think. In industrialized countries, 15 to 30% of children suffer from it and 2 to 10% of adults too. Fortunately, in two-thirds of the cases the problem subsides in a short time. The scientific or medical name of eczema is that of atopic dermatitis and reflects the immunological character of the disease.

People who live in cities are more affected than those living in the countryside, and one of the assumptions about their origin refers to a question of hygiene or exposure to infectious agents. It is not contagious, and those who suffer from celiac disease (due to gluten intolerance) are more exposed to this condition.

There is often a connection between eczema and itching, but do not scratch, because the situation can get worse and the skin would be exposed to infections.

Scratching can provide temporary relief, but only worsens the symptoms!

eczema and itching

There is still no safe eczema treatment , but shoots can be curbed and even prevented. We should know that  normal skin is an effective barrier to pollution and other elements in the atmosphere. In the case of eczema, the dermis that has an alteration is an open door to allergens  such as dust mites, pollen, pollution, etc. As a result, dryness, itching and inflammation are often confused with the symptoms of psoriasis .

Eczema treatment

Currently, the eczema treatment is to reduce the inflammation, lack of moisture and proliferation of bacteria on the skin  that is affected. Doctors prescribe creams to retain water, or moisturizing creams, which must be used after bathing.

It is not necessary to resort to products too expensive to treat eczema, but it is necessary to use the appropriate products and which are without side effects, which could result in more irritations or rednesses . It is always necessary to consult a dermatologist who may possibly prescribe an antihistamine.

As the sweat  and sweat can cause eczema flare-ups, it is good to shower just after exercise or activity in the sun. The stress can also cause reactions on the skin, so it is better to calm his nerves.

In some cases, this disease can come from an allergy to certain foods, such as dairy products, nuts or eggs .

It can also be an allergy to detergents or cleaning products (such as bleach), a reaction to frequent contact with water during the day, or prolonged exposure to the sun, etc. .

Some tips to relieve the symptoms of eczema

Consider these tips to treat or relieve the problems caused by eczema on the skin:

Avoid contact with detergent when washing dishes

Use latex gloves even to clean the floor; put them also if you wash clothes by hand or if you use bleach to disinfect. Hypoallergenic detergents can also be obtained and the use of linen, such as bath towels, which has been washed with one of the above-mentioned products may be discontinued.

eczema baby

Always go for quick showers instead of extended baths

The skin needs to be hydrated when there is an eczema problem, but hot water can make it worse.

Dry the affected area with small patches, do not rub it to make it worse.

Avoid all types of scented soaps

Also avoid shower gels that can cause allergies. Always use hypoallergenic products, and in moderation; prevent affected skin from coming into contact with the shampoo  or conditioner.

Keep the skin hydrated and moist

If you do not, eczema will not go away.

Apply hypoallergenic lotions several times a day. 

When you go out, take with you a small bottle or pot of lotion.

Control itching with over-the-counter medications or homemade ointments

Do not scratch because you would only delay the healing process of the affected skin. You could also cause eczema to spread to other parts of the body. Use very rich night creams to promote healing.

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