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how to fast to lose weight : the easy tip

how to fast to lose weight : the easy tip

In this article we will show you how to fast to lose weight with easy tips. Losing weight is never a pleasure. Here is our tip to get rid of the extra pounds, quickly and well! There are many diets, but in our opinion the only ones that are worth trying are those who are in the long term. For lasting losing weight, you have to change your habits and follow some important rules.

1. Losing weight with 3 meals a day


First, it is essential to eat 3 meals a day and not eat between meals. The Snacking is the worst thing you can do for your diet because it upsets your stomach, and leads your body to store fat more easily. Moreover, even if fasting seems very effective at first, it does not last, so do not say that skipping a meal will help you; it is only another disturbance.

2. Less sugar


Avoid desserts because of sugar and prefer low calorie foods . However, do not deprive yourself! Otherwise, you may have cravings and stupid excess. Eat everything, but in small quantities.

3. Lose weight with easy tips : Water

Lose weight with easy tips : Water

Drink plenty of water so you do not confuse hunger with thirst. Drinking water eliminates toxins and helps speed up your diet. And it avoids (paradoxically) to make water retention! Go, 1.5 L per day.

4. Sport to fast to lose weight


The key to the diet is to play sports as often as possible . If you eat after, your hunger will be beneficial because it will result in an energy expenditure that your body will naturally need to compensate. While if you eat before, you may have a side point, and feel bloated. Sport is also an excellent appetite suppressant. The ideal is to go during your lunch break. Often during a diet, we are too tired to play sports because we are hungry and we lack energy. The timing of meals is therefore essential.

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