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Are diet pills effective to lose weight?

Are diet pills effective to lose weight

Are diet pills effective to lose weight? Can they lose weight and strengthen muscles? Are diet pills and weight loss remedies as effective as they claim? To be fit, we know, nothing beats exercise . But we can always dream! What happiness if there was a weight loss pill that allowed you to build muscles and lose pounds without effort. Here is the raw truth about these diet pills.

Can conjugated linoleic acid help weight loss?

Can conjugated linoleic acid help weight loss

  • Conjugated linoleic acid  is a mixture of chemical forms of an essential fatty acid.
  • It burns fat and intensifies muscle training.

The facts about conjugated linoleic acid: Preliminary studies have shown that no dosage has helped humans lose fat , but it has helped some animals to lose fat .

Chitosan, an effective diet pills to lose weight?

Chitosan, an effective slimming pill to lose weight

  • Chitosan is an insoluble fiber from the shell of crabs and shrimp.
  • It absorbs lipids to prevent weight gain.

The truth about chitosan: according to researchers, it does not have more positive impact on health than a remedy for grandmother. Worse, it can prevent the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients, such as vitamins D and E and fat-soluble drugs.

Can ephedra (Ma Huang) strengthen muscles?

Can ephedra (Ma Huang) strengthen muscles
  • It is a plant containing ephedrine alkaloids, extracts of which are sold as nutritional supplements.
  • It inhibits the appetite and helps to burn fat .
  • When combined with caffeine, it can strengthen muscles – but there have been reports of heart attacks and deaths.
  • The maximum dosage authorized by Health Canada is 8 mg per dose and 32 mg per day. Do not associate ephedra with caffeine.

Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxycitric acid) to accelerate weight loss

Garcinia Cambogia (Hydroxycitric acid) to accelerate weight loss
  • These are the extracts of an Indian fruit that compete with an enzyme necessary for digestion .
  • It prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into lipids and eliminates the extra pounds .

The Truth About Hydrocyclic Acid: According to the Journal of the American Medical Association and other reports, it has no effect on the elimination of fats and calories in humans.

The powers of chromium picolinate

The powers of chromium picolinate
  • Chromium picolinate is an essential nutrient that Canadians miss because they eat too much refined food.
  • It prevents lipid absorption and helps burn calories effortlessly – even when sleeping.

Does chromium picolinate make you lose weight? A careful study showed that a daily dose of 400 mg had no effect on body fat, weight or muscle mass. High doses can disturb mood and sleep.

To add chrome to your diet, eat corn, peas and prunes.

The truth about calcium pyruvate

The truth about calcium pyruvate
  • It is a mineral salt made by the body and present naturally in food.
  • It removes lipids and gives muscles.

What Calcium Pyruvate Really Does: According to studies of obese people on a very low-fat diet , daily doses of 75 g or less have led to mild weight loss. But this dose is much higher than that of over-the-counter supplements .

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