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7 delicious foods to prevent morning tiredness


Many factors can influence the morning tiredness. This often happens because we have not taken enough rest or because you have done too much physical effort the day before.

However, it is also likely that it is caused by a lack of certain essential nutrients. Especially if you do not have a balanced and healthy diet.

Good nutrition is what allows you to have good energy and optimal performance throughout the day. So when you miss some nutrients, it is normal to feel this feeling of physical and mental fatigue.

Most worrying is that many are trying to combat it with energy drinks and commercial products that only mask the problem momentarily.

Although they seem to give a boost of energy, it is better to start replacing them with natural foods that promote a feeling of well-being.

Do you want to incorporate them into your diet? Let’s discover the 7 best!

1. Oats


Oats is considered the most “complete” cereal because of its nutritional qualities. This is one of the foods that should not be missed in your diet because it is an important source of energy.

It concentrates large amounts of dietary fiber, a nutrient that improves digestion and regulates appetite.
Its vitamins and minerals improve blood circulation and promote metabolic and cognitive health.
It is ideal for taking care of heart health because it helps control cholesterol and triglycerides.

2. Milk

People who do not suffer from lactose intolerance can find in milk a good ally to counteract this feeling of fatigue that occurs in the morning.

It is a food that provides essential amino acids and vitamins that, once assimilated, increase the feeling of vitality and energy.
One of its amino acids, tryptophan, stimulates the secretion of serotonin in the brain, a neurotransmitter linked to well-being.

3. Dried fruits


Although it is necessary to consume them in moderation, dried fruits are energetic foods that can reduce hunger and morning fatigue.

Their high intake of B vitamins and fatty acids is beneficial to the health of the nervous system, thereby improving concentration and mental abilities.
They also contain dietary fiber and antioxidants that, in addition to calming anxiety, prevent muscle pain and headaches.

4. Lenses

Lentils are known to be one of the healthiest legume varieties. They are versatile, easy to prepare and also contain nutrients that support many aspects of physical and mental health.

Its high quality iron and protein intake prevents deficiencies that lead to anemia.
They optimize blood circulation and help maintain an optimal cellular oxygenation process.
Its carbohydrates serve as a “fuel” for the cells, which increases the energy level.

5. Chocolate


How about a little chocolate for more energy in the morning? Although excessive consumption is not recommended, eating between 20 and 30 grams of dark chocolate can be helpful to improve performance throughout the day.

It contains fats and carbohydrates that serve as a source of energy for the cells.
It stimulates the nervous system, improves heart health and also protects the brain against oxidative stress.

6. Seeds

There is a wide variety of seeds that can help combat the effects of morning fatigue. They are low in calories and full of health conscious nutrients.

For example, chia or flax seeds provide omega-3 fatty acids that promote cardiovascular and cognitive health.
Their low intake of amino and mineral acids optimizes blood circulation and prevents mood swings.
Sunflower, pumpkin or sesame seeds are also beneficial.

7. Bananas


For many decades, bananas have been the subject of various beliefs. Many stopped eating them because they thought it was a fattening food.

Today, these myths have been dispelled and it is recognized that they are not only delicious, but also full of properties for maintaining weight, body and emotional health.

Its natural carbohydrates and sugars increase energy levels and improve performance.
They balance the activity of the nervous system and improve the mood.
They calm hunger and help improve the digestive process.
Do you feel tired while studying or working? If you are not already eating these foods, start including them in your breakfast or snack. Enjoy their properties!

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