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5 Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight At Low Prices

Fat Burning Foods To Lose Weight At Low Prices

Need or want to slim down a little? I looked for you on the study of 5 fat burning foods to lose weight at low prices and without breaking the bank. These 5 foods are pineapple , papaya , grapefruit , lemon , and green tea . Yes, you have to like fruits, and green tea! Be careful however: these foods do not lose weight. They help eliminate fat, but must be accompanied by a small calorie diet .

1. The pineapple


The most useful for those who have water retention, or cellulite. By cons the most effective part of the pineapple, is … its stem! It contains an enzyme called bromelain, which breaks down tissue. There is pineapple stem powder in capsules but nothing beats a good fresh pineapple. And in addition it will be cheaper …

2. The Papaya

This fruit has as its main virtue an enormous nutritional quality. He also fights constipation. Finally, he also fights cellulite , attacking collagen. Papaya is a little more expensive than pineapple per kilo, when you are out of season, however you can eat papaya leaves in some infusions. They have the same weight loss qualities.

3. Grapefruit

It is very easy to find and enjoy, as an appetizer or as a dessert. Its benefits of fat burner have never been 100% proven, but it is full of vitamin C and above all extremely low in calories. We find all year, even at the supermarket, and it is a citrus inexpensive.

4. The Lemon


This food is not there either to “lose weight”, I repeat that these fruits should be consumed, but also aided by a good diet. The lemon will help you digest and detoxify you. The citric acid it contains, helps to degrade fat.

5. Green Tea


It is among the 5 foods studied here, your most active ally-slimming. It allows you to consume a lot of water, which helps to eliminate, to reap antioxidants, and especially it contains tannins that prevent the body from assimilating fats.

Realized savings

In order to save money, I will personally make fruit salads. All these fruits eaten together can be an excellent dessert. You can also, for the followers, integrate them in your sweet and salty dishes (without cooking them too much, to keep their nutritional values ).

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