How to manage your meals?

Management, a term that is a bit scary but that highlights the fact that a meal is taken on time and not at any time of the day!

We also do not start a slimming diet without having recorded well, no, skipping a meal does not lose weight! This is also the first tip to respect to lose weight .

American researchers have just confirmed this through a study of nearly 120 overweight or obese women. The latter all followed a slimming diet under the watchful eye of researchers. Among their findings, skipping a meal or eating too fast would be detrimental to the diet .

Why ? Because when you are depriving yourself of a meal, you simply tend to gorge yourself at the next meal. Ditto when one engulfs one’s breakfast, lunch or even dinner instead of chewing it delicately.

Evidently, the foodstuffs on which people first meet when the belly shouts famine, are very well caloric foods.

Keep a food diary to lose weight

food diary

But, to realize the quantities of food that we swallow and their bold type or not, nothing better than keeping a diary where each meal is noted in the least detail: meal time, dishes and drinks on the menu …

Not to mention the small (or large) nibbles that are, however, prohibited but which we do not always resist.

Weight loss : avoid going to the restaurant

Finally, the last enemy of dieting , the one that undermines the nutrition of people eager to lose weight quickly , is on every corner. Well almost. Because this place is none other than the restaurant.

In fact, eating out does not necessarily make you fat, but it certainly makes you lose weight less quickly. Simply because at the restaurant portions of food are more important than at home.

Apart from the quantity, there is also the quality that comes into play at the restaurant: the dishes are often less balanced and grow to succumb to temptation!

Instead of the meal, it is better to be satisfied with a light dinner.