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12 Natural Remedies Particularly Effective Against Colds


The colds is not a serious disease. But it is painful, tiring and can sometimes last a long time. During a cold, you sometimes have runny nose, or on the contrary get clogged.
Sometimes your throat is on fire, your head loose, a little fever.
For all these kinds of symptoms, you will find in this list the trick that suits you to get you out of this mess.
And you even have one that will help you avoid catching the small pains of winter.

1. An effective infusion of garlic and thyme


The drop in your nose, you just took a cold snap. If you have nothing against garlic and thyme, this trick is for you.
If you do not like this pronounced taste, you can replace garlic and thyme with elderberry, which has the same effect. Two teaspoons of elderflower in 200 ml of water and voila.

2. The magic wrap at the bottom of the bed

A cold a little stronger than usual, with a fever that starts to rise, do not hesitate: quickly a wrap at the bottom of the bed. Here you will find how to do it.

3. A miraculous grog

Our grandmothers understood everything well before us. The recipe for good old rum and lemon grog is an institution. It is behind this link.

4. Soothing lavender essential oil

Broken, you feel exhausted. In order to clear the nose while helping your body to rest and relax, nothing like a remedy with lavender essential oil. You will find our method here.

5. The mint “stop runny nose”

When you have runny nose continuously, the cold becomes very painful. If the runny nose is your biggest symptom, you can follow this easy method with mint infusion.
Or you can use this trick in addition to others, to accelerate your healing.
If you prefer, use ginger, one tablespoon of ginger powder for a cup of hot water. Let infuse 10 min.

6. Lemon and salt water “nose-drain”


Sometimes the symptoms are reversed. In the middle of our cold week, suddenly the nose gets clogged. It’s just as painful as the other way around. Follow then at this time our great trick that opens the nose. It is here.
If you prefer, you can simply use normal saline that you spray into each nostril, head back, before blowing your nose.

7. A prodigious ginger recipe for prevention

This magic recipe made from green tea, ginger and lemon, you are already many to have adopted. We give it back here, behind this link. Because ultimately, the best way to heal is perhaps still to avoid getting sick, right?

8. Eucalyptus and peppermint to breathe better

Throughout your cold, you have trouble breathing. Whether the nose is leaking or stuffy, you need to clear it. Here’s how to do it , with a method based on eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil.
You will use it as infusions or inhalations, at your choice. For this last solution, put a cloth on your head, above the bowl or the inhaler, for about 10 minutes.

9. Sage leaf in hot honey beverage

The sage is known to our grandmothers as a magic plant in case of a big cold. Here is the recipe mine has passed on to me:

– Fill a cup of hot milk.
– Add two teaspoons of honey.
– Plunge 3 leaves of sage.
– Let infuse at least 10 min.
– Remove the sage leaves and drink your drink.

10. The granny chicken broth


Some scientists say that chicken broth prepared by our grandmothers acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps the immune system to defend itself.
It helps the movement of mucus in your nose and relieves nasal congestion.

11. Homeopathy

Homeopathy, believe it or not. Nevertheless, in case of cold, it can be very useful. A cure like Coryzalia, for example, can be taken from the age of 6 without danger.
8 tablets a day, for a treatment of 5 days maximum, can help fight a bad cold. Do not use in case of otitis or sinusitis.

12. Echinacea tea

It has never been scientifically proven that this plant cured colds. However, studies show that those who drink it heal faster than others.
Prepare 3 cups of Echinacea tea a day, and see its benefits.
In any case, whatever the remedies you choose, remember to blow your nose regularly, throwing away your used tissues quickly.
Drink lots of water and hot drinks. Keep a temperature of 20 ° maximum in the house. Wash your hands regularly and take showers or hot baths to relieve congestion.

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